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Surgical Mask

Brand Name: Single-use Medical Protective Clothing

Structure and composition:

Made of PP+PE composite material for medical disposable protection, it is composed of hooded jacket and trousers. It is a one-piece structure, non-sterile and disposable.

Scope of application:

For clinical medical personnel to come into contact with potentially infectious patients' blood, body fluids, secretions during work to provide barrier and protection.

Working principle:

The physical blocking and filtering function of protective clothing can block and protect the blood, body fluids and secretions of potentially infectious patients that the medical staff come into contact with while working.

Performance index:

Impermeability: the hydrostatic pressure in key parts of the protective clothing should be no less than 1.67kpa (17cmH2O);

Moisture permeability: the moisture permeability of protective clothing materials should be no less than 2500g/ (m2·d);

Anti-synthetic blood penetrability: the anti-synthetic blood penetrability of protective clothing should be no less than 1.75kPa.



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