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Renaissance "silk road" of the civilization,How long have Chinese to wait?

More than 2000 years ago, ancient Chinese silk connects the east and west civilization

The world famous "silk road"

Brought the first collision and blending of two very different culture symbiosis,

Today, we still remember this history and glory.

To witness the great in 2000 years, also can restore the great in 2000 years.

Now, with the peak power of science and technology,

We have rediscovered "silk road" Renaissance new material civilization

All this begin with "the sixth life element"

Compared with other life elements, the discovery of the sixth life element of chitin is thousands of years later .

In 1811, the French scholar Braconno discovered the chitin for the first time.

After hundreds of times of the experiment failed, in 1823,

A talent called Ogier eventually successfully extracted this mysterious substance from snow crab .

This is just the beginning

On the Nature's mystery gift,

Over the next two hundred years, the application of science and technology have been refreshed, and constantly being beyond .

Until today, the cycle is end.

Hismer,which broke this cycle,is from the starting point of silk road.

That has a long civilization and history - known as "dragon" of the country.

Today's success is no accident.

Relying on its strong industry, scientific research strength, to get the best raw material to develop

Hismer went to Alaska deep sea, looking for the perfect snow crab materials

Distance creates uncommon

Four thousand feet, it is a length enough to measure the ordinary and remarkable

Also is interval of land and snow crab ,which is the natural creation miracle.

Overcoming the time erosion, the snow crab in four thousand feet deep sea environment is qualified to set foot on the great sea "the silk road”

From as far away as Alaska to Shandong, China, three thousand miles on the way.

Every move a mile, means that all sorts of hardships and special pay.

Let alone even actuarial consideration nondestructive fishing technology, the entire zero pollution.

And absolutely no add hundred extraction process.

You can say it is all because of Hismer's top science and technology

But I would rather believe that every step in the three thousand miles

Leaves the footprint of Hismer to strive for greatness and search for perfection.

Based on the rigorous attitude during in research and development,

Hismer successfully exacted the chitosan fiber from chitin,

And take the lead in the successful application to both health and environmental protection areas of life.

Which is a new biotechnology fabric be able to activate the body inner vitality .

Human history is always constant cycle.

Today,2000 years later from “silk road”,

Hismer is connecting the world and paving the “marine silk road”of the 21st century by high-tech biological chitosan fibers.


Again, the new glory

We dedicate civilization to the world


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