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Company Profile

Hismer Bio-technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprises specialized in biological new material and related products’ researching, testing, manufacturing processing and trading. The company has full set of pure chitosan fiber production’s key technology. It is the largest marine renewable fiber(Hismer)’s Comprehensive research and development base in the world. We have world-leading technology, first equipment and largest productivity globally. We have Chinese academy of sciences physical and chemical institute antibacterial testing centre Taian branch, Shandong Polysaccharide biomass fiber project lab and possess all kinds of high-grade, precision and advanced experimental facilities.

Our company has sound technology innovation system and persist in the cooperation of production, study and research. We have proprietary intellectual property rights over high performance chitosan fiber. Recognized by the Chinese Academy of Engineering, we have reached international leading level in industrialization and engineering technology and do pioneering work in China biomass fiber, also filled the gap of international anti-bacterial fabrics. Self-developed production line has features such as high degree of automation, short work flow, low energy consumption, energy conservation and environment protection and so on, it is cleaner production demonstration project.

Hismer products include fiber, yarn, fabric, non-woven, finished fabrics and medical products, in which finished fabrics include socks, underwear, underpants, bras, bedding and others, altogether 8 classes and more than 1000 varieties. Medical products are mainly D+D mask and D+D sanitary pads. Hismer products have been widely used in garment fabric, medical, health care, aerospace, military, filtration and other fields. The products has found good sale in Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Europe, American and other countries.


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