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Chitosan nonwoven cloth or beyond the silk fiber into medical mask paper main body material
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    Advanced medicine makeup recognition of chitosan
    Brittany Vladivostok south university biology department spokesman said in a conference held recently in biomedicine, chitosan skin care products have become at present the main components of the internationally recognized advanced medicine makeup, used in pulse light, rf, dot matrix, fruit acid, such as medical cosmetic surgery, can play a role similar to natural antibiotics, and quickly repair basal thermal damage, fast healing and repair skin barrier, at the same time, the chitosan metabolism of skin care products and with heavy metals, the most suitable carrier as the mask.
    It is well known that most cosmetics containing heavy metals, heavy metals not only affects the skin, but also an important cause of skin cancer.And is a significant characteristics of chitosan adsorption ability.Many low molecular weight material, such as metal ions, cholesterol, triglycerides, cholic acid and organic mercury, etc., can be chitosan adsorption.Especially is important to note that chitosan can not only adsorption magnesium, potassium, and can be adsorbed mercury zinc, calcium, and uranium, has been proved that chitosan is efficient chelate medium.Chitosan adsorption capacity depends on the size of the degree of its content, the deacelation degree, the greater the adsorption capacity.
    Nanjing university of technology professor Wang Ran pointed out that according to the results of the study at the university of South Korea busan, under the premise that equipped with amount of skin nutrient solution, degree of silk fabric is about 80%, and the degree of chitosan nonwoven is greater than 92%, significantly more than the adsorption of heavy metals by silk fiber, and this advantage, may be turned into the next generation master of face film paper.
    However, it is important to note that the current domestic production of chitosan fiber although has good spinnability, but compared with cotton fiber, chitosan fiber linear density is big, low intensity, to a certain extent, affected the chitosan fiber yarn strength, and high cost.Under general conditions using chitosan fiber pure yarn, we still have some difficulties, therefore, the current used chitosan fiber and cotton fiber or other fibre blended in order to improve its spinnability, but this way is not fundamentally solve the problem, not a long-term solution.
    Achieving ideal dressing edible fibre
    Chitosan were found so far the only exists in the nature of cationic edible fibre, its also has an extremely extensive application in the field of medical dressings.
    According to the United States, according to a study at the university of Chicago medical dressing made of chitosan in reducing drainage, reduce the pain of the wound, shorten the time of pain, promoting wound healing etc total effective rate was 90%, and the efficiency up to 83.3%, 20% than conventional treatment of wound healing time shortened.Japan at the end of 2014, will chitosan dressing as the Japanese government chartered propaganda effect of functional commodity is only allowed.
    Nowadays, pure chitosan fiber spunlaced nonwovens dressings with its superior performance, safe and simple method of use, extended reach deep, shallow Ⅱ degree burn wound treatment and paring scab wound, skin wounds and skin incision, bruising, bedsore, ulcers, such as skin damage, a new ideal for trauma patients to medical dressings.
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