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Hayes Moore (Hismer) fiber is shandong huaxing textile group independent research and development of natural antibacterial fiber, is a kind of high-tech, the ear can sexual health fiber. With high purity of chitosan as raw material, made by wet spinning. The fiber has excellent biofacies pits, the ideal bacteriostatic effect. Widely used in chemical industry, environmental protection, food, medicine, cosmetics, agriculture and so on various aspects.

Shandong huaxing textile group co., LTD and publication was founded in 1987. Is a collection of textiles, clothing, trade, logistics, property management is a comprehensive enterprise group. Group, including jinhui, property management, economy and trade, HaiCi huaxing five subsidiaries, Beijing. 2009 sales income 107 one hundred million yuan. I profit tax with 8260 yuan.


Huge potential for development of pure chitosan fiber hayes, who said meng er. Is a new material co., LTD., shandong huaxing subordinate HaiCi independent research and development production. Using interest good spinning performance of chitosan solution. Using the method of wet spinning. The only declared national invention patent of medical chitosan fiber. Is careless shell depth and i. crystal. A kind of functional fiber.

Hayes itch, fiber production r art process:

Dope preparation - > a filter - > secondary - > deaeration -- -- -- -- -- -- > > metering pump jet - > stretches coagulation spectrum - > silk - water - > time > activation treatment - > secondary water -- -- -- -- - > > drying product.

Biggest characteristic drawer full of non-toxic spinning, except own ling solution and sodium hydroxide solution. Don't make, H the boron mind-blowing, ignorance and sodium thiocyanate, any kind of profile control and the IIt into agent, to the preparation of spinning solution. In the process of using vacuum dissolved, centrifugal deaeration and other advanced technology, improve the production efficiency. In the process of spinning and post processing, use the enclosed treatment means, such as ultrasonic make fiber molecular chain length to even, improved fiber machine maple performance, expanding the area of use of the fiber.

Hayes Moore fiber using raw materials of flake chitosan. Without crushing maintain its molecular chain structure. At the same time fork adopted high viscosity chitosan macromolecular chain structure, namely spinning performance is good. With a variety of fiber spinning out high quality yarn and non-woven, can be used to produce high quality mouth textiles and wound dressing. Also can separate spun yarn, medical thread that surgical sutures.

Hayes in er fiber will into advanced manufacturing ling No and high and new technology industry. People bring benefits to human health, have, in accordance with the modern 【 the characteristics of the industry, industrialization, hayes Moore 1 is No enough to hayes Moore fiber research and development, production as the main body. Is characterized by its natural miao suppression function, based on related industry coordinated development, red into a relatively complete industrial clusters chain entity, finally realizes the industrial production scale, technology system E cup, business integration, system standard, social function, layout, just network clustering, modernization of enterprises, I the event loop and development steps of the process.

self-dependent innovation

Closer to the world's first since hayes Moore series products on the market, by the vast number of consumer recognition, hayes Moore and the height of the end products also caused the industry people l note, mortar. Shandong textile group China will hayes Moore in wow the scale of the production capacity has reached 200 tons, hayes Moore qk items production has been established as the key innovation of shandong province. All production equipment for shandong China will textile group independent research and development, since the = l three design installation, low production cost, high product quality, production technology has reached the international leading level. With 19. In march, 2010, shandong province, China will set close by hoarding in the knitting industry association officially named chitosan fiber and fabric research and development innovation base ", hayes Moore industrialization project has declared "= ministry as industry clean production demonstration item U. Pure chitosan biological fiber spinning technology and non-toxic spinning technology after 々 home appraisal to fill the domestic blank; medical pure chitosan fiber method and broom qiang, elm has taken a leap in the invention Ge, well according to the PC

wide application

Multidisciplinary research and development products

Shandong huaxing textile group and flag F hai hui company with hayes Moore fiber technology, product advantages, use of more than 20 years of experience and 200000 spindles spinning the spinning ability developed many series of blended yarn. Well with Shanghai, hangzhou, guangzhou, south xu, zhangjiagang, Beijing, yiwu and other places of 32 excellent enterprise respectively built CL) % of lk development relationship. Mutual conquer such as dyeing, weaving, finishing and post-treatment technology difficult fluorspar, huaxing as leading enterprises to master and use have been mature and stable the whole industry chain of process technology, help cooperation 1 2 = = industry solution shan technical problem; Cooperative enterprises with advanced dyeing and weaving technology, provide the technical support for the application of shell soil sugar fiber, shandong university league table. Jointly contribute to the industrialization of hair tendon. Now has development and production of the hayes molar content at 10% ~ 30% of the series of blended yarns and fabrics, mainly with combed cotton, modal, new styles, hemp self, cashmere and wool blended, and all kinds of mixed knitting yarn, inside

Chitosan is the r shell element. Degree of acyl base product. It is a kind of linear polymer saccharification should content more, have a good fibre, film-forming property, permeability, hygroscopicity and moisture.

Pure chitosan rape dimension is in high quality too molecular weight poly Mo pure shell as raw materials, adopted the product of wet spinning and have multiple biological - : broad spectrum antimicrobial mold - pursuit. Offer good guest, biological phase with hemostatic, promote wound healing and reduce scar function, relieve wound pain for months and is not exempt from gangrene. Biodegradable.

Pure shell poly lining fiber not only has a broad spectrum antimicrobial XiXing mainly, biological phase, no immunogenicity, etc; Kinds of physiological activity. And promote human Xi I balance for month. Crust poly Mo fiber thus became an important Hui and health care function. Can be in many fields. Such as:

In the sun can be used in the textile industry in the bedding, table, underwear, socks, health medium tendon and skin contact on the costume of A - 4 r] daily in making all kinds of fiber dozen rainbow article is the suitable place to bacterial growth, reproduction and dissemination. All kinds of bacteria in gao is appropriate when rapid reproduction, not only set of discoloring the fine young products mold, etc., also produce abnormal stimulus to human skin and cause a variety of skin pain, as of the dangers of human life. And pure chitosan fiber has excellent broad spectrum and phase mainly, good biological sex, have promote skin micro ecological balance as a month. At the same time have ang good moisturizing effect, permeability, biodegradable, prevent electrostatic advantages. Well and Taiwan and other fibre blended textiles, various components of the fiber can play their best.

In the medical field can be widely m in making all kinds of E with dressing, yue into 4 orders with dressings with non-woven fabric, yarn, bandages, etc., the king to m casting in the treatment of burn, burn patients, can prevent the wound from oxygen. Can absorb the moisture. By enzymes in the body of natural degradation, accelerate wound healing.

Can be made into absorbable sutures, pure chitosan fiber sewing line should cheeper dung, easy to knot with high strength and toughness with good mechanical properties and promote wound healing, fight ulcer, pharmacology, such as month and month disinfection, conventional methods can be mixed eight medicine jing. Can be absorbed by tissue degradation, take out stitches removed from patients with pain. The sutures in mainly in the digestive tract surgery, orthopaedics surgery such as sewing machine. Experiment showed that the clinical should m vessel as well, without start and holding, I wait for a phenomenon. Well have a thief should after wound smooth advantages such as:

Through the lightbox cloth industry standards

Recently, by zhejiang haining warp knitting area with the leading of the composite materials with axial base warp knitting ochre cloth "waste national industry standard at the annual meeting of the examination and approval of textile standardization technology committee organization. The standard filled our country to the base cloth lightbox cloth with warp-knitted biaxial standard blank, standardizes the lightbox cloth with warp-knitted biaxial to food, I of the production of the enterprise behavior, to ensure the products trade fair competition and the healthy and orderly development. Hidden (good)

It pushed it pushed E E Pi five-star ink surplus xinjiang circle

On June 24th, China's large personal hygiene products maker hengan international said. Considering the market situation and the trends of raw material prices. In the case of rising costs, set close your decision on July 1, to improve the drum paper products priced at 10%. International art pulp prices to high since 2008. The articles for daily use paper manufacturers sales rising cost pressures. Existing media reported earlier that heng and another paper towel producers vader brands such as quasi E jian product cost 10% ~ 20%. , according to a 2009 annual report hengan international paper products (including boxed paper towels, handkerchief paper and wet wipes the proportion of 411% of its total revenue. L (rosy clouds)

Lydall announced filtering products prices

Recently, Lydall tiremaker, Ken 1 due to rising raw material prices. Since July 1. Lydall all filtering products widespread price increases 4% ~ 8%. Come, liddell remains committed to the principle of lean six sigma, will continue to focus on cost and efficiency, maintain the market competitiveness.

Lydall co., LTD. Is a shares publicly listed company, the New York stock exchange headquartered waste Britain in Connecticut. The company has subsidiaries in the United States, France, the Netherlands and Germany. Has sales offices in the us, Europe and Asia. The specialty is engaged in the design and manufacture of filtration products. (Yi Lu)

Medical AhIstrotn in India

Recently. Ah [strom group company in the Indian state of gujarat investment about 42 million euros to build an Asia's largest medical but L weaving cloth factory. This electricity is Ahlstu Qu ship cut in is ̈ degree to establish the first manufacturing factories. The factory existing member 70. Feng for India and in other parts of the industry state health care with the ZongZao cloth production.

Ahlstmm President and the first pure executive J muscle [MNG strong + depth in India investment to set up medical r not ZongZao cloth factory chief began planning decisions at the end of 2007. March to span chau is Ahlslmm ball is an important step in the development strategy. 'Ahlstrom have been occupying continent and America market. Now is the foot stand billiton market is the best time in Asia. In India's new I. The factory has the world first-class facilities, technology and talent. Built on the dumb near the continent's largest port. Wild we will play a key role in Indian and Asian markets:, purpose. India is spitting world economic growth is one of the most shan country. Health care industry with more than 20% annual growth pace. Huge demand for disposable hygiene products. In art m a few years the development of the history of the new factory will be big. "JanIm said.

Ahlstrom set foot with one of the world's leading nonwoven fabric production and sales enterprises. In 2009, Ahistwm net sales of euro 1.6 billion Uighur. In addition to India, Ahlstrom in the lake in wuxi and mockery in Korea surrounded HyunPoong have broken a production base, the main production filtering material. At the same time. Ahlstrom supporting sales offices in nine major cities in Asia... Currently about 10% of the company's net sales meters within Asia (xiao yu Lou)

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