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The crab shells "wear"
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    Extracted from crab shell chitosan fiber, and cotton, modal, viscose fiber spinning, woven clothing, has antibacterial, moisture absorption, in addition to smell, adjust the health care function of skin micro ecological balance.This is shandong huaxing textile group co., LTD., the magic of the "wear" in the body of sea crab shell technology industrialization of darth maul.
    Recently held in Beijing, the 10th China international health fair and restorative pill, longer effect than using hayes Moore brand health care textile fiber production D + D seems to be more easy to let people accept it, because it can be simple to only need to wear.Then, why does it have the health care effect, the company and how the products onto the market success?Reporters interviewed backed project in-depth research and development of huaxing Hu Guangmin chairman and r&d zhoujia village leader, deputy general manager.
    Snow crab shell waste
    Host: hayes Moore fiber raw material is recycled crab shells, make its waste, its production process have what special?
    Zhoujia village: hayes Moore is shandong huaxing textile group co., LTD. Crab shells was used to extract the high purity of chitosan as raw material, through the wet spinning of fibre, it is pure chitosan fiber, belongs to Marine animals recycled fiber, and is only an animal recycled fibers.Hayes Moore is the biggest characteristic of the entire production process non-toxic spinning: in addition to acetic acid solution with sodium hydroxide solution, without the use of boric acid, urea, glycerin, thiophenol etc. Any kind of solvents and promoter.Spun silk liquid preparation process of the dissolution, the centrifugal deaeration vacuum technology, spinning and post-treatment processes using ultrasonic and activation treatment craft, such as the methods to improve the performance of the fiber, improve the production efficiency, realize the hayes mo, industrial production.
    We declare "medical chitosan fiber and its preparation method" national invention patent (patent number: ZL200810015053.5), has authorized this year.Shandong provincial scientific and technological achievements appraisal: the project to overcome the disadvantages of the existing methods, developed a excluding boric acid, urea, sodium thiocyanate and any auxiliary material with high antimicrobial properties of pure chitosan fiber, make it has better practicability and health security.By increasing the activation treatment working procedure, improve the antimicrobial properties of the pure chitosan fiber.Project development of spinning technology and ultrasonic and low temperature, low cost new additives and other effective processing technology to fill the domestic blank, reached the international lead level.
Adjust skin micro ecological balance
    Host: it is said that hayes Moore fiber has good biological activities, beneficial to human body, what is the principle?
    Zhoujia village: hayes Moore is a kind of linear macromolecular polysaccharide compounds, molecules containing free amino and hydroxyl groups, with a positive charge, chemical properties more lively, with a variety of physiological activity.
    Is an excellent biocompatibility, hayes Moore in the liquid surface with large positive charge, somatic cell membrane surface with a large number of negative charges, when adherent cells, can through the cell walls of attachments to interaction in electrostatic charge and attached together, attached with a rate of 200%.Second is a hemostatic function, promote the wound healing and reduce scar, hayes Moore contact with the skin wounds can be attached with a gathering of red blood cells and platelets, platelet activation activated clotting, by accelerating blood fibrin monomer polymerization, stimulate vasoconstriction healing wounds.Three is to relieve the pain, the study found that pure chitosan fibers can absorb bradykinin and dilute acetic acid parts release protons in inflammation and pain.< /
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